Everything to gain on decathlon betting

Nowadays gambling industry is growing in high gear. It may be a big mistake not to catch the chance to get profits on it. Decathlon is considered to be an unknown sport, not suitable for such an occupation, but it’s absolutely false. The variety of disciplines included here help to determine the winner on the different stages, thus to multiply the win sum. In this article we will try to state the main reasons to pay attention to the discipline.

Decathlon: the basic info

Decathlon is an athletics discipline for men that includes 10 different disciplines, such as:

  • 100 meter running;
  • long jump;
  • shot put;
  • high jump;
  • 400 meter running;
  • 110 meter hurdles;
  • discus throw;
  • pole vault;
  • javelin throw;
  • 1500 meter running.

Competitions are held consecutively during two days (5 events per day). The interval between events must be at least 30 minutes.
In the long jump, discus throw, javelin throw, and shot put competitors have three attempts each.
Otherwise, the rules are not fundamentally different from the basic track and field events. The results of the performances are evaluated by the sum of points obtained in each event according to a special formula and a special points table.

Where did the decathlon originate?

The modern athletics decathlon dates back to the ancient Olympics, where ancient athletes competed in a combination of several disciplines. The rules for the modern decathlon were drawn up in 1911 and in 1912 it was included as a separate discipline in the Olympic Games. Scoring tables were revised in 1935, 1952 and 1962. The modern scoring system was adopted in 1984 at the IAAF Congress in Los Angeles.

What are the types of decathlon’s bets?

Despite the great spectator interest, bookmakers do not offer a wide spread on track and field events. Among the most popular ones:

  1. on the selective outcome;
  2. Here the bettor needs to choose the sportsman who is supposed to win on some stage or be the best in the approach;
  3. on the winner of the tournament;
  4. Hundreds of athletes take part in the competition, but only a group of maximum ten participants has a real chance of winning. The bettor’s task is to select the participant who will be the best in the final stage or will make the longest jump and so on;
  5. on pairs comparison;
  6. Bookmakers offer to choose two sportsmen and predict which of them will be higher, stronger, faster at the end of the competition;
  7. on the top.

If it is problematic to forecast a winner of the tournament, then it’s possible to select those who will achieve the determined top places, among the 5 or 10 strongest. Yes, the odds are lower here, but also the chances of making a plus bet are higher.

Bookmakers have the maximum spread of bets on the two major starts: the Olympics and the World Cup. For instance, you can bet on the total medals, which country will have more awards and a number of other bets.

How to bet on decathlon correctly?

The key to successful gambling – the ability to analyze information and intelligently approach the selection of events for betting.
At the first stage it is important to find out what qualities an athlete should have in order to fight for medals. In decathlon as combined sport, there are many disciplines and each has its own characteristics: for the short distances it is important to be able to jerk and accelerate, for middle distances it is necessary to be able to finish and add to the last lap, in the marathon distances, the focus is on endurance, and the ability to distribute forces over the distance. Having identified the characteristics of the discipline, we move on to the analysis of the athletes.
In order to make a prediction, you have to take into account: the physical readiness of the sportsman, the statistics of recent starts and performances in this arena, the motivation of the athlete and the stage of the competition.
Basic statistics allow you to identify participants who show stable results, who progress with each start or, conversely, who show poor results. This will help in determining the pairs who are higher or selecting the top 5.
The result of the tournament is strongly influenced by the stage of the tournament. Strong athletes often show average results in the qualifiers, because they know that the main start is ahead. This can be used to determine the winner.
The final result of athletes is influenced by their current form, so it is crucial to follow the latest news, as someone can get injured, have family problems and other factors that affect the physical and mental shape.

To sum up: is decathlon betting the thing to rely on?

For sure, such a gambling is good to try your hand into the task, but don’t forget that staking is always about risks, but there are ways to reduce them. If the gamester, aimed to dig into decathlon, wants to enrich or earn extra money on it, dozens of factors must be considered.
Never miss the analytical preparedness, it’s crucial to analyze not only stat data (physical or mental shape, motivation, previous performance, etc), but the possibilities to get victory (comparison of both sportsmen, etc).
The last to write out, but not the last to remember is the types of bets offered by bookmakers, because if you don’t understand on what you can place a stake, there is no matter how much you want to win. Study the common and particular (bookmaker’s) rules not to cross the line. Use the articles or reports of experienced bettors.
So don’t be afraid of trying anything new, decathlon is the perfect option to play in. Research, analyze, develop, bet and win with profits.