All to know about decathlon – betting

Athletic sports have grown in their popularity today. Among them mixed disciplines are specified. Decathlon is one of the most appropriate options to bet on. Let’s puzzle out its basics and particularities to profit.

What is the decathlon?

The decathlon is an athletics event that also goes by the name of combined events – composed of ten events in total, of which four will be on the track and six in the field.
This event has a duration of two continuous days in the sports calendar and those who participate in this competition are considered the most skilled athletes, since there are very few people who can compete at a professional level in so many high-performance disciplines.
As a curious detail, there is a femenine version, which consists of seven events called heptathlon with a duration of two days.
Here the places (thus prizes) of each participant are determined according to the points added in the scoring table of the International Association of Athletics Federations.
There have been different scoring tables in the years of existence of such competitions, but the one currently taken into account is of 1985 , which underwent some changes according to the distance throwing events.
As there are many events contained in the decathlon, these events are divided into two days of events following a certain order in the program of the event to participate.

How are decathlon events arranged?

The participation of the athletes in the event is divided into two days of events following an order that we will show you below.
The first day includes:

  • 100 meters flat;
  • long jump;
  • shot put;
  • high jump;
  • 400 meters flat.
  • The second day consists of:
  • 110 meters hurdles;
  • discus throw;
  • pole vault;
  • javelin throw;
  • 1500 meters flat.

Which are the main decathlon rules?

The rules applied are equal to the rules of each discipline included. Also it should be mentioned that in the long jump, shot put, discus throw and javelin throw only three attempts per participant are allowed.

The particularities of decathlon: shortly

Summazing, among the peculiarities of the sport (enormously useful for betting on) are:

  1. such events are held over a couple of continuous days;
  2. break time of 30 minutes is allowed before the start of the next stage;
  3. automatic timers are used for the measurements of the events, but in case the competition is timed manually, three judges will be responsible for timing the participants;
  4. the organizing committee of the contested stages establish the height for the high jump and pole vault. The bar will grow in height by three centimeters in the high jump and 10 cm in the pole vault after each change.

The decathlon is a discipline that each year adds more followers, because it is a set of combined tests that require the athlete total control of their skills, and as any athlete can not participate to require various skills among their requirements makes a show to see how professionals perform to these challenges in two consecutive days.

How can it be useful for betting on decathlon?

Obviously, that none stakes may be placed without knowing the onions of the sport. Betting on such competitions is lucrative, but only in the case of puzzling out its features.
Of course, it’s highly important to choose the betting strategy and make a pre-match analysis, but these things are impossible without the comprehension of the basics of the discipline.

To bet or not to bet on decathlon?

It’s completely up to you. Before gambling just evaluate all the arguments. We think the choice is clear-cut, as the sport offers a heap of advantages, so it wouldn’t hurt to pay attention to.