What should I pay attention to in betting on decathlon?

Decathlon is an almost newly born sport discipline. However not much is said about it yet, this doesn’t mean its betting misfit. Let’s review the main subjects to remember.

Why is the decathlon appropriate for betting?

Decathlon as the variety of athletics may be suitable for gambling, because of the presence of these compounds:

  • walking events;
  • high jump, long jump, pole vault;
  • shot put;
  • hammer, discus, and javelin throwing.

As a rule, such events are won by the favorite, but that does not mean that you should carelessly bet on the athlete with the lowest odds.

What are the particularities of gambling on decathlon?

In the warm season, tournaments are held outdoors, and in winter – indoors. Usually, bookmakers don’t add winter competitions to the lineup, because they are not in demand among gamesters.
The season stretches over 4 months, so the decathlon is suitable for hazardous staking.

What can you bet on decathlon?

As the decathlon is a quite newly born sport it is not too widespread among bettors, so it is represented in bookmakers’ lines not so good. Usually you can find the following stakes:

  1. on the winner of the competition;
    Despite the dozens or even hundreds of participants, among the real pretenders to win are no more than six persons.
  2. the winner of a pair;
    Such a bet is often found in the lines and involves an attempt to determine who will end up higher in a particular pair of competitors.
  3. on the final place;
    According to the common rules you are open to gamble not only on the winner, but also on an athlete to be in the top 3, top 5 or top 10.
  4. etc.

The things to focus on while betting on the decathlon?

To succeed in staking, it is necessary to be able to analyze a large amount of information. Particular attention should be paid to these aspects:

  • physical shape;
    If an athlete has recently suffered a serious injury or has not participated in competitions for a long time, there is a high probability that he will not be able to show the best result.
  • the stat data of the previous performances;
    By reviewing statistics, you can identify promising young athletes who are improving from start to finish and are a few centimeters or tenths of a second shy of making it to the medal round. We should not forget about the age-related changes of famous track and field athletes, who sooner or later will yield the podium to younger and “hungrier” athletes.
  • sportsman’s motivation;
    Winning a tournament may significantly improve an athlete’s financial situation. For example, for one gold medal at the 2016 Olympics, an athlete from Thailand was paid $314,000 by the state, while athletes from Sweden, Croatia, Norway and Great Britain received no prize money.
  • However, not everything is attributed to money. Many participants dream to become the well-known athlete who sets a world or national record that no one can beat for a long time.
    the competition stage.
    The strongest competitors don’t have to give 100% during qualifying – they have to build up their strength for a big push in the final stretch of the tournament. Less strong ones must perform to the maximum of their abilities from the very first start, which may lead to a banal lack of strength when the finish line is closer.
    Also don’t forget about the weather conditions and whether the event is held ‘at home’ or ‘on the road’ – this also seriously affects the result, and cannot be ignored when choosing an offer.

So is betting on decathlon worth trying?

Of course, it is. Don’t hesitate and catch the opportunity to become the first person in gaining a badly-known (just yet) sport. Take care of your own preparedness, bet and profit.